• About Us

    The experience handed down for over two generations make us a leader in the market with expertise and experience .
  • Moulding

    We select the best raw materials to offer a guarantee of quality and reliability of our production.
  • Nylon OEM production Wires

    Our core business for over 40 years is the processing and marketing of high quality nylon threads .
  • Research & Development

    We follow the customer in the realization and development of their idea by offering a turnkey service . From raw material

Custom Solutions

The close cooperation that we established with technical studies and suppliers world leaders of polymers, are factors that contribute to complete the range of customized solutions and exclusive that we offer to our customers. .


Plastools supports the customer at all stages for the construction of new technical plastic components, using simulation software that allow you to reproduce the molding operations and verify any problems from the early stages of the project.


Product model (prototype) allows you to appreciate the geometries, forms and any other useful feature to evaluate the feasibility and suitability of the finished product, before d organize and plan the production.

Mould Realization

Much attention is given to this stage just to reduce the production costs of the printed pieces and be able in a short time to materialize the ideas of optimizing customer resources and waste of money.


We have gained in more than 40 years of activity in the plastic satmpaggio an important experience in different industrial sectors:-mechanical Construction-lighting-sports-Packaging

Plastools ®, for over 40 years leading, rewinding and marketing of nylon fishing professional and other applications.

Injection Molding

We have gained in more than 40 years of activity in the plastic satmpaggio ... Read more

Centrifugal Moulding

This Department deals with all the lead is machining contractors for our production ... Read more

The Plastic

Plastic is the term commonly used to refer to a wide range of synthetics or semi-synthetic ... Read more


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