About us


We are a dynamic Italian and always looking for innovative solutions, the experience passed down for over two generations and expertise in the field make us a leader in the production of professional nylon line for fishing.
The wide network of contacts and the trust placed in us by the world's leading suppliers, allowing us to offer a wide range of products guaranteeing a constant availability of material, a level of quality and service to the customer raised to extremely competitive prices.
The strength of Plastools is to be found in the relationships with our customers and the ability to respond to their needs, which is why more and pay great attention to innovation, the ability to improve our products and services, looking for new solutions, both on a technical and commercial level.
The new and recent corporate restructuring, both in logistical and operational terms, allows us to be even more competitive to maintain market leadersheep I suffer in compliance with environmental standards.

Plastools ®, for over 40 years leading, rewinding and marketing of nylon fishing professional and other applications.

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