Ultra match top silicon yellow fluo

The ULTRA is the best quality fishing wires made with a more advanced technology and using high quality raw materials. Thanks to this we have combined exclusive, we got a product with very high tensile strength both linear and knot, the only commercially available line with low elongation and high technical characteristics. The Fluorocarbon coating makes the thread almost waterproof, this means that they retain all their fishing line strength even by wet, unlike conventional wires. These have a monofilament abrasion resistance superior to other. Thanks to the advanced technology of extrusion and the use of high quality raw material we have obtained excellent results.
ULTRA MATCH TOP SILICON is a FLUORESCENT high visibility wire covered with silicone. This line of quality has a greater tenacity and a better resistance to the node and a longer duration over time. The Fluorocarbon coating provides a smooth as silk and it is important to keep the tenacity and elongation almost unchanged into the water.

Colours: Fluo Yellow

RECOMMENDED USES: trout and salmon Fishing-use by-reel-Spinning Surf casting

Ø mm Kg test ISO 2066 Lbs Test Dia. Tolerance
0.128-0.135 1.150 2.53 Positive
0.148-0.155 1.570 3.45 Positive
0.165-0.171 2.050 4.40 Positive
0.185-0.195 2.480 5.40 Positive
-0.210 0.200 3.000 6.60 Positive
0.225-0.230 3.740 8.02 Positive
0.245-0.255 4.350 9.60 Positive
0.260 0.270- 5.100 11.00 Positive
0.285-0.290 5.840 13.00 Positive
-0.305 0.315 6.970 15.30 Positive
0.330-0.345 8.150 17.70 Positive
0.360-0.375 9.890 21.70 Positive
0.400-0.410 11.000 24.30 Positive
-0.490 0.470 13.850 30.50 Positive
-0.520 0.540 17.670 38.70 Positive

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